Up close and personal


What is your typical Wawa order?

“3 chicken strips bowl with mac and cheese and a toasted Italian hoagie” – Andrew Salamone ’13

“Lately I’ve been on a mission to buy whatever gets me the strongest reaction from Wawa Pam. But I think that’s literally anything in the store” – Noah Kim ’13

“Thanksgiving turkey sandwich – seasonal, but amazing” – Alyssa Zhu ’14

What superhero duo would you be and why?

“Rocky and Bullwinkle, because nobody considers them super heroes, but they always prevail over the villain” – Salamone

“Superman and Batman. Mostly because Sky really wanted to be Batman, and I didn’t want to be Robin. Or Batgirl” – Kim

“If we were a superhero duo we would be Calvin and Hobbes. We try to look at everything with a sense of humor and not take ourselves too seriously. We know they’re not technically superheroes, but they’ve saved us through laughter many times” – Grace Colby ’13 and Zhu

What do you never leave your dorm without?

“I never leave my dorm without my cell phone aka I can play scramble with friends and draw something while pretending to text people” – Andrew Canakis ’13

“Pants” – Sky Sprayberry ’15

I never leave without my computer by my side, because I never know when I’ll need it unexpectedly or when I’ll get home. I usually end up staying on campus until really late!”

– Colby

What Hogwarts house would you be in?

“I guess everyone wants to be in Gryffindor, but being the underdog and a wild card I would have to say Hufflepuff” – Canakis

“I think I would be in Gryffindor because I am very outgoing, fiercely loyal, and not afraid to take on a challenge” – Sprayberry

“So I used an online quiz for an objective answer and got Gryffindor, but with Ravenclaw as a close second” – Colby

What is your dream vacation spot?

“Cape Town, South Africa.  I visited on my gap year and fell in love with the gorgeous city immediately” – David Alpert ’13

“Arezzo was the most gorgeous city in Tuscany. Sunflower fields, quaint shops, ancient architecture and sun, sun, sun” – Stacey LaRiviere ’14

“Australia and New Zealand” – Melanie Levine ’13

What was your favorite movie when you were 8?

“Land Before Time. One is a classic, but three is good as well. I think I stopped watching after Land Before Time VI though” – Meghan Moore ’13

“The Lion King. Hands down” – Dallen McNerny ’14

“Prince of Egypt” – Curt Mills ’13

What is the best class you have taken here so far?

“Any class that I’ve taken with Professor David Dessler in the IR department has been awesome. He is basically the rock star of IR theory” – Moore

“Either Religion and Ethics with Goodson or European Political Systems with Clemens. Both were challenging but insightful” – LaRiviere

“John McGlennon’s Politics of States and Localities” – Mills

What is your favorite study spot on campus?

“I love nestling up on Swem second floor in one of window-side carrels with my books, my music and the occasional energy drink” – Alpert

“The Morton sociology computer lab (3rd floor). Go in there late at night, turn up the music and study on the big projector” – McNerny

“The Grind”

– Levine