Best of the Burg: Study over coffee at swemromas

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December 3, 2015

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With a campus sprawling over more than 1,200 acres, students at the College of William and Mary have a plethora of study spots to choose from. There’s the ever-popular Earl Gregg Swem Library, the Sadler Center, the Sunken Garden and the Daily Grind, just to name a few.  Student favorite Swemromas, however, has claimed the top spot as this year’s Best of the Burg’s Best Place to Study.

Tucked inside the entrance of Swem, this small branch of Aromas World on Prince George Street serves as a casual escape for students seeking a place for caffeine-fueled activity. A recent addition to campus, Swemromas replaced Greenberry’s Coffee Co. in the 2014 fall semester. It has proven to be a popular spot due to its central location and variety of offerings available to students. Swemromas’ menu offers traditional coffeehouse basics, including cappuccinos, espressos and tea, but also an array of specialty drinks and seasonal favorites. The drinks of the week keep students coming and interested in the changing options.

Delectable drinks are not, however, the only treats available at Swemromas. An assortment of bagels, cookies, sandwiches and more are other staples of the establishment. These drinks and snacks are more than a draw to visit Swemromas; they provide the energy to fuel an extended study session there.

These drinks and snacks are more than a draw to visit Swemromas; they provide the energy to fuel an extended study session there.

Swemromas’ relaxed vibe makes it an excellent place for students to evade the stress of daily life while still getting work done. There is just enough background noise to make the environment homier than Swem’s upper floors, but not so much that it is distracting. Its location makes it an ideal spot for meeting with friends, classmates or teachers. Provided one can grab a seat in the busy establishment, students can spend as much or as little time in the coffee shop as they want. Whether there for an afternoon of studying or a quick break from a monotonous “Swemming” marathon, Swemromas is a constant in student life at the College. As the weather grows colder and finals approach, more and more students will be found taking shelter within the warm walls of Swemromas. Its cozy atmosphere, however, is a perennial attraction.

While there are many study spots to choose from on campus, Swemromas fuses coffee and schoolwork in a social and inviting environment.

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