Cops link 3 assaults near campus to at-large suspect

    Forensic evidence has linked three Williamsburg-area abductions involving four female victims to a single unknown suspect. The crimes spanned six years, and one of the victims is a former College student.

    p. The York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with the Williamsburg Police Department, sent out a news release that describes the suspect as a black male with a dark complexion between 24 and 36 years old. He weighs 170 to 180 pounds and is between 5’8’’ and 5’11’’ in height. He has driven a dark green, four door pick-up truck that was described as noticeably clean. Anyone with information should call 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

    p. Police were cautious about releasing information to the public because the investigation is ongoing.

    p. “The only persons who know exactly what happened are the victims, us and the criminal,” Deputy Chief David Sloggie of the Williamsburg Police Department said. “He knows right now that we know he’s committed all three [crimes]. There’s no doubt in my mind he knows.”

    p. The first crime occurred Sept. 12, 2001. According to the news release, a woman was walking alone on Parkway Drive when the suspect grabbed her. He then dragged her into the woods where he raped, beat and robbed her.

    p. Six months later, the suspect attacked a College student. She left a party March 23, 2002, and was walking alone down Jamestown Road across from Lake Matoaka at 3 a.m. He grabbed her and was attempting to push her over the guardrail when a car drove up. The driver beeped the horn and the suspect ran off, leaving behind his coat — which had forensic evidence on it.
    The third crime occurred July 29, 2006, when the suspect, driving a truck, approached two females who were walking down Bypass Rd. in front of Hooter’s restaurant at 2 a.m. He offered them a ride, speaking in a slow manner and often repeating himself. They declined.

    p. According to the news release, the truck continued to follow the women, and the suspect again offered them a ride. They accepted, got in the vehicle and directed the suspect toward their residence. He deviated from the path and turned onto I-64 West at the Camp Peary exit. The women told him to let them out, but he refused.

    p. One of the women escaped from the truck after convincing the suspect to slow down, and the vehicle continued driving down I-64 with the second woman inside. At 3:41 a.m. that night she arrived at a James City County residence seeking help. She suffered from extensive injuries and was flown by helicopter to Norfolk Sentara Hospital.

    p. The news release did not specify how she was injured, and both Sloggie and Lieutenant Penny Diggs of the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office refused to comment further on that case, but Sloggie said forensic evidence was found on the victim.

    p. Two weeks ago, an analysis of the forensic evidence collected during the investigations linked the crimes to one man.

    p. “He has a big span of time between events,” Sloggie said. “I think we will eventually get him, and I think the key to getting him will be info we get from someone he confronts.”

    p. He also said that since releasing information about the crimes they have received eight tips, but none of them have lead to anything substantial.

    p. Diggs commended the collaborative investigative effort between the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office and the Williamsburg Police Department, and she said that, with the assistance of good tips, she believes the suspect will be caught.

    p. Vice President for Student Affairs Sam Sadler sent an e-mail Feb. 13 notifying students of the investigation.

    p. “There is no indication of an immediate threat to anyone on our campus, but there is most certainly a need for caution,” he said. “If you see or experience anything suspicious, call the police immediately. Local law enforcement officials have asked for any help we can give in apprehending this suspect.”


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