Nichol turned off by campus sex art show

    President Gene Nichol expressed disapproval of the Sex Worker’s Art Show through a statement released Tuesday afternoon.

    p. “I don’t like this kind of show and I do not like having it here,” he said in a statement. “But its not the practice and province of universities to censor or cancel performances because they are controversial.”

    p. The Virginia Gazette reported on the story after physics Professor Ken Petzinger informed them of the show through an acquaintance on the newspaper.

    p. “I just decided somebody had to know. I decided to try to inform people because I don’t think it is part of a William and Mary education,” Petzinger said.

    p. He learned of the show Friday afternoon when he saw a poster in the Campus Center.

    p. From talking to other people, he discovered that the show happened last year, though it was only publicized through word-of-mouth.

    p. “I was not angry; I was more saddened and somewhat perplexed that the College should sponsor this, use student fees and for some, require students to go for a course,” he said.

    p. The Sex Workers Art Show, which cost $1,800, was paid for mostly through student funds. It is a traveling show featuring current and former employees of the sex industry talking about the realities of the industry through performances and other media. It was organized by seniors Sean Barker with Virginia Walters to encourage openness about sex on campus. Sean Barker could not be reached for comment on Nichol’s response.
    See page 4 for a picture from the Sex Worker’s Art show.


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