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    **Cox gets dirty**
    Courtney Cox recently announced she is proud to bear it all on her FX show, “Dirt.” She plays a rumor-hungry tabloid magazine editor, but Cox has recently taken some bold steps as an actress. Excitement first surrounded her onscreen kiss with former “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston. Now, Cox has refused to hire a body double to fill in for her during the show’s racy sex scenes, saying that, while at first she was nervous, her powerful character has inspired confidence.

    **Voldemort: sex on a plane**
    British actor Ralph Fiennes, who plays Lord Voldemort in the “Harry Potter” films, is facing a battle that couldn’t even be resolved with dark magic: an airplane sex scandal. A Qantas airline stewardess’s job is now in jeopardy after her and Fiennes were seen entering the same airplane toilet during a long flight from Australia to India. Fiennes ended a long-time relationship last year after having an affair, so luckily no girlfriend will be harmed in the making of this sex scandal.

    **Trimspa’s baby!**
    p. Recently deceased star Anna Nicole Smith’s body was ordered to be released from the medical examiner’s office, but the star’s controversy is alive and thriving. Prince Frederic Von Anhalt (Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband) has entered the fight for her daughter Daniellynn. He joins attorney Howard K. Stern and Larry Birkhead in the custody battle. Smith’s former nanny has also expressed health concerns for Daniellynn who was underfed because Smith “wanted her baby to be sexy.”

    **Barton’s BF exposed**
    p. Former ‘O.C.’ star Mischa Barton is facing relationship issues even more dramatic than Marissa’s. At least her ‘O.C.’ character never found nude photos of TV boyfriend Ryan in Paris Hilton’s possession, as Barton did of now former real-life boyfriend Cisco Adler. The musician’s naked pictures were found in Hilton’s storage locker on ParisExposed.com. At least Barton had the sixth sense to dump the promiscuous boy soon after his internet debut.

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