By the Numbers (Feb. 27, 2007)

    The number of packages handled by Postal Services at the College so far this academic year, according to Associate Director Richard Sears. That amounts to an average of 6.34 packages for each student at the college.

    p. **2.3 billion**
    The number of cell phone users worldwide, according to a report by CTIA The Wireless Association. There are 229 million users in the US, less than 10 percent of the world total.

    p. **$900**
    The amount that the average college student spends annually on textbooks, according to a study by the Government Accountability Office.

    p. **105%**
    The profit margin of Magellan’s expedition, the first to circumnavigate the globe. Although only 22 out of more than 230 sailors ever made it back and Magellan himself died, the cargo of cloves on the one returning ship covered more than twice the cost of the expedition.

    p. **17**
    The number of wins by the Tribe Women’s basketball team, the second-most in the team’s history according to


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