This week in Flat Hat History (Feb. 27)

    The College received official notice from its architect that a hospital would be built on South Boundary street. The building was located south of Tyler Hall and east of what was then one of the College’s dining centers. The building was reported to have “all modern facilities,” including steam heating, an automatic elevator and electrical signal systems in each room and ward.

    p. **1952**
    The Epsilon Iota chapter of the Sigma Nu fraternity was reactivated. The new chapter replaced Sigma Rho, the only local fraternity on campus at the time. The chapter scheduled pledge activities just a few days after the reactivation.

    p. **1965**
    The men’s basketball team was first runner-up in the Southern Conference basketball tournament. The team lost to West Virginia, 70-67 in double overtime. The team started the season with a sevengame losing streak, before winning eight of its last 11 games and going to the Southern Conference tournament.

    p. **1975**
    After two months without heat or water, Ludwell residents found that the complex had returned to normal. Prior to fixing the complex’s facilities, the water temperature had been 105 degrees, according to the Williamsburg Health Department. The housing director for the College claimed that “there was plenty of heat” and hot water in all the rooms. At the time, the College did not own the Ludwell apartments and was currently arguing with the then-owners about repairs.


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