News in Brief (April 13)

    **Professor awarded Guggenheim Fellowship**

    p. Nikos Chrisochoides, alumni memorial distinguished associate professor of computer science at the College, has been awarded the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship on Medicine and Health. The area of medicine and health awarded two Fellows this year, and Chrisochoides was the only American recipient of this honor. Chrisochoides has been working on Image Guided Neurosurgery, a treatment for brain tumors. His research team pioneered the field of image tracking by aligning pre- and intra-operative views of the brain, which can be used during tumor removal procedure.

    p. Winning the Guggenheim Fellowship will allow his team to improve technology and expand their reach to hospitals across the world. As Chrisochoides noted, the award was given for medicine and health instead of computer science, which will create even more opportunities for its development. Chrisochoides is now the fourth professor from the College to receive this fellowship.

    p. **Prime Outlets to expand retail space**

    Prime Outlets is expanding onto the Comfort Inn hotel site and adding 3.54 acres of retail space. The expansion includes more parking spaces and plans to put a traffic light on Olde Towne Road. Opponents of the development cite environmental reasons, but developers have said they will take steps to be environmentally friendly. These steps include reusing brick from old buildings. New stores coming to Prime Outlets have not been announced.


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