By The Numbers (April 13)

    The number of years since 1947 that Williamsburg received snow in April, according to data from the Southeast Regional Climate Center.

    p. **413**
    The number of lawsuit notification letters that the RIAA sent out this week to students at 22 universities. The RIAA also notified the College this week that it found copyright violations tied to 12 campus computers.

    p. **34 percent**
    The proportion of college students who reported spending 10 hours or more online per week, according to a nationwide survey of August 2006 survey of 800 students.

    p. **25 percent**
    The online betting odds that Virginia will vote for the Democratic nominee in the 2008 presidential election, according live quotes from

    p. **7 percent**
    The proportion of all married couples that are interracial, up from 2 percent in 1970, according to a Stanford researcher. A Virginia law barring non-whites from marrying whites was not struck down by the Supreme Court until 1967.


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