Campus Police Beat (April 17 to April 23)

    **Tuesday, April 17 —** An unidentified individual called police to report a group of people laughing and yelling outside Jamestown North, on the side facing Barksdale Field. **(1)**

    p. —A student called to report the theft of 20 Ritlan tablets from Unit F. The tablets were estimated at $80. **(2)**

    p. **Wednesday, April 18 —** A student called in to report the theft of their iPod while they were at the library. The white iPod has an estimated value of $299. **(3)**

    p. **Thursday, April 19 —** A student called to report the larceny of his wallet from the University Center. Estimated value of the wallet was $40. **(4)**

    p. **Friday, April 20 —** An individual called to complain that several males were making noises outside of Giles and Preston. **(5)**

    p. —A student called to report damage to his vehicle on Ukrop Way. The estimated damage to the vehicle was $100. **(6)**

    p. **Saturday, April 21 —** Officers were dispatched to an unidentified area to deal with a reported news complaint.

    p. —A student reported the larceny of his cell phone from Zable Stadium. The cell phone’s approximately value was $399. **(7)**

    p. —An RA called to report students possibly smoking marijuana in Jefferson Basement.Walking by the room he smelled marijuana. Officers were dispatched and upon their arrival, there was no odor of marijuana. The officers found and seized a bottle of Captain Morgan Rum. The area director was present for the disposal. The students were charged with under aged possession of alcohol. **(8)**

    p. **Monday, April 23 —** A student reported a larceny of his parking pass while his car was parked on Landrum. The estimated loss of the parking pass was $240. **(9)**

    p. —A student reported the larceny of her license plate while her car was parked at Rec Sports. The estimated value of the license plate $45. **(10)**


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