College will switch to online billing

    Recently the College implemented eBill, a new system of tuition payment. This service is provided to students as a “convenient and reliable alternative to paper bills,” according to the College’s financial operations department.

    p. Students will be able to view bills on the myWM self-service page. Paper bills will no longer be mailed to students. If students wish for parents to pay the bill they will be responsible for providing a third party e-mail address for a parent or guardian. The College will then send a statement to the listed address that includes a billing due date and the amount due. The third party will not be able to view the actual billing statement.

    p. Since tuition payment now rests on student shoulders, some worry that there will be a rise in late payments. Restrictive holds will be placed on all accounts not paid in full by the established due date for the semester. Restrictive holds prevent transcripts from being issued and students from registering.

    p. According to Pamela Johnston of the bursar’s office, the College decided to implement the eBill system for a variety of reasons. She said the College wants to provide faster and easier service to students. The College is also concerned about the environmental consequences of mass-mailing paper bills. Students will receive bills for the fall semester on eBill in mid-July.


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