By The Numbers (Sept. 4)

    The number of hours William and Mary Students spend doing unpaid service each year, based on a 2006 survey. According to the survey, each student spends an average of 45 hours a year.

    p. **.04**
    The increase in the average government department GPA from 1986 to 2005, rising from 2.85 to 3.25.

    p. “These data suggest … improvement in undergraduate academic performance — though of course others could also interpret the right-hand column as a sign of grade inflation,” government professor Ronald Rapoport wrote in a government department newsletter.

    p. **7.27 percent**
    The proportion of internet users worldwide who visited, according to, a website owned by that ranks websites based on traffic.

    p. **22 percent**
    The increase in Hillary Clinton’s odds of winning the Democratic primary, according to online political prediction market Clinton is now predicted to have nearly a 70 percent chance of winning the primary.


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