Students enjoy New Town night

    Last night, New Town hosted a free event for students from the College. This event featured specials at many of the stores and restaurants in the complex, including extended hours and discounts on merchandise. A local band, Snackbar Jones, performed from 8 to 11:30 p.m. on Main Street.

    p. “My friends and I have been looking forward to this for weeks,” Caitlin Clements ’11 said. “I heard about it during a meeting and have been excited ever since.”

    p. Anticipating a high turnout, the College arranged extra transportation for the event. In addition to the bus from the Williamsburg Area Transportation, the College provided a shuttle that picked up students outside the University Center and the Commons every half hour. “Being a freshman, just having free and easy transportation was nice,” Clements said.

    p. Upon arriving, each student was given a raffle ticket for a chance to win prizes from various New Town merchants. Among of the most coveted prizes were two bicycles from Conte’s Bicycles & Fitness, valued at $500 apiece. Other prizes included memberships to the Iron-Bound Gym and gift certificates to various stores and restaurants.

    p. At the start of the event, the streets were fairly empty. Many students arrived late due to heavy amounts of homework and later club meetings. Some students who arrived early were disappointed at the initial lack of activity.

    p. “There weren’t many promotions and it seemed a little deserted and a little Stepford-ish,” Cory Chapman ’11 said. “All I got for free were chips and queso, and even then I had to buy something.”

    p. Lisa Maund ’10, hung out outside of Maggie Moo’s Ice Cream and Treatery for two hours. She was frustrated by how hard the coupons were to use, but was not completely disappointed by the event. “It was nice how the stores were open late,” she said.
    Allen Huang ’08 was drawn to New Town by the discounts, although he thought there was not enough activity to stay more than an hour.

    p. Despite initial apathy, students soon filled up the local restaurants. Cheeburger Cheeburger, a retro hamburger shop located near the cinema, was packed with College students. Caitie Zacker, a waitress at the restaurant, noticed a difference in the amount of customers. “The restaurant is very busy tonight,” Zacker said. “It seems like the event is successful.”

    p. Satisfied customers left Cheeburger with coupons for future 99-cent milkshakes.

    p. Overall, the event satisfied many students, becoming livelier as the night went on. People roamed the streets to the sound of music, taking advantage of the many discounts offered.

    p. “It was good fun,” Janelle Neubauer ’10 said. “It was a very nice way to spend a Thursday night before a great weekend.”


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