By The Numbers (Sept. 25)

    **43 percent**
    The proportion of College dorm rooms without air conditioning.

    p. **9**
    The number of cell phone towers within three miles of the College. Eight of these are along Ironbound Road.

    p. **3.04 billion**
    The pounds of coffee imported by the United States in 2005, amounting to 25 percent of the world’s production. In the same year, just 294 million pounds of tea were imported.

    p. **4 percent**
    The proportion of pre-schoolers who suffer from clinical depression.

    p. **113**
    The number of pirate attacks in the world since January, nine of which occured in the Western hemisphere. There have also been an additional 41 attempted attacks. The Arabian Sea had the most attempted but failed attacks, at 27.


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