Campus Police Beat (Nov. 6 to Nov. 12)

    **Tuesday, Nov. 6 –** A female student reported a stolen iPod from Phi Beta Kappa Memorial Hall. The iPod went missing sometime Sunday, Nov. 4. **(1)**

    p. – A faculty member reported that his hangtag had been stolen from his parked car at 200 Ukrop Way. **(2)**

    p. – A student reported that his car was vandalized on Harrison Avenue. Police estimate the damage to be around $200. **(3)**

    p. **Wednesday, Nov. 7 –** Two non-students and two juveniles were arrested at the Old Sentara Hospital for attempting to steal copper and possession of burglary tools. $100 is thought to have been stolen from the complex. **(4)**

    p. **Thursday, Nov. 8 –** A non-student called police to report that her ex-husband had embezzled $1,800 in College funds upon the termination of his employment. Police are now investigating the claim.

    p. **Saturday, Nov. 10 –** Two students were arrested at the intersection of Richmond Road and Armistead Road for possession of alcohol. **(5)**

    p. – A caller from the UC Terrace reported that loud noise had been coming from the frats. The noise was actually coming from the football game. **(6)**

    p. – Two students were referred for disorderly conduct for attempting to jump on the field during the JMU football game. **(7)**

    p. – A fire alarm went off in Fraternity Units F through J. Police reported an estimated damage of $100 due to a fire extinguisher that was set off in the hallway. **(8)**

    p. Sunday, Nov. 11 – A caller reported loud music coming from the next room at 500 Ukrop Way. Police advised the residents next door about noise policy. **(9)**

    – A non-student reported that her purse had been stolen from her car parked in the William and Mary Hall parking lot. Items worth $240 were stolen. **(10)**

    p. **Monday, Nov. 12 –** A caller from Lodge 12 reported a suspicious person trying to get past the door. Police could not locate the suspect, but scanned the area for fingerprints and are investigating a partial print. **(11)**

    p. – A student reported a stolen parking decal from 100 Wake Drive. The decal was worth $275. **(12)**

    p. – A student reported his bicycle stolen from 101 Wake Drive. The estimated value of the bike was $10. **(12)**


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