By the Numbers (Nov. 16)

    **262 Million**
    The number of turkeys raised on farms in 2006, four percent more than in 2005. The turkeys are worth a total of 3.5 billion dollars and close to 10 percent of them were raised in Virginia.

    p. **54 percent**
    The increase in the number of long distance driving trips over the six-day period around Thanksgiving, according to the federal Department of Transportation. Around Christmas and New Year’s, the number of long-distance trips rises 23 percent above normal.

    p. **15**
    The number of homes that burnt down in 2002 due to improper use of turkey fryers, according Allstate insurance company.

    p. **3**
    The number of school days that students get off for Thanksgiving break. This has been the same since 2000.


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