Midterm 2007 SA Senate Report Card

    This list is not meant to be comprehensive. It ranks SA senators by two different criteria. It does not make subjective qualitative distinctions between bills.

    p. Bills Passed: The “Bills Passed” ranking chart contains columns describing the number of bills each senator sponsored that passed this legislative session, the number that failed and the number that are currently in committee. The percent of these total bills passed is also reported, as well as an “internal affairs” number, based upon The Flat Hat’s view of the scope of each bill. The “passed internal affairs bills” score is the number of bills each senator sponsored and passed that are geared toward SA operations rather than bills that directly affect students. A senator’s total score is computed by subtracting “passed internal affairs bills” from “passed bills” to represent the number of bills each senator sponsored that directly affect students. The number arrived at, the total score, is used for ranking.

    p. ATTENDANCE: Senators are also ranked by the percentage of meetings attended. Senators must have been in attendance for at least half of the votes during the meeting to be marked present. The rightmost column shows the number of meetings each senator attended.

    p. FOR BOTH RANKINGS: Ties are allowed, and senators who tie within a ranking are listed alphabetically within social class.
    NEWLY ELECTED SENATORS: Freshmen senators and newly-elected senator Alex Kyrios ’09 were not included in the rankings, as they have only been in office since October.

    p. DATES INCLUDED: The rankings include meetings from the beginning of the senators’ terms last spring through the Nov. 6 meeting. A Senate Report Card will be printed this spring that includes all meetings, including freshmen senators and Kyrios.


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