By the Numbers: April 18

**30 million**

The total number of hours that British parents spend per year picking the names of their newborn children, according to a survey conducted by Abbey Bank.


The number of miles a Polish pilgrim planned to trek while pulling a three-wheeled trailer. The man was stopped by police in Germany for towing the trailer down a major highway using a rod attached to his back.


The total carat weight of a flawless, white pear-shaped diamond that Sotheby’s tried to auction off in Hong Kong last week. The diamond failed to attract a bid meeting its reserve price and went unsold, signaling the possibility of weakness in the global diamond market.


The cost of purchasing a hedgehog and the equipment necessary to care for it in the United Kingdom. The animals are rising in popularity for their nocturnal and playful nature and are cheaper to maintain and feed than cats.


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