This Week in Flat Hat History: April 18


The Board of Visitors decided to begin advertising for the College for the first time ever.


The S.S. William and Mary Victory was launched in Baltimore. The ship was built as part of the U.S. Victory fleet, a group of mass-produced cargo ships built to replace ships destroyed by German U-boats. It was one of the few east-coast produced victory ships.


A total of 212 students signed an open letter to College President Davis Y. Paschall asking him to resign. The students wrote the letter as a response to Paschall’s “reactionary and misguided policy of educational leadership.” Paschall denied an Associated Press report that he threatened that all students who signed the letter would have to prove all allegations against him in the presence of their parents, and would be dismissed from the College if they could not.


Residence Life proposed a contentious new change to its policy which required that students take their own room trash to the dumpsters instead of housekeeping. A group of students protested the decision by piling garbage bags on the front steps of Blair Hall.


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