Staff Editorial: Hold traylessness until spring

With the help of SEAC, the College of William and Mary is pushing forward with the trayless initiative first introduced last spring. We appreciate the College’s work in pursuit of sustainability and its willingness to consider greener choices. Removing trays from the Sadler Center dining hall likely will decrease food waste and water use. We are, however, concerned that students may not get their money’s worth if the change is made mid-semester. While food service provider Aramark has yet to decide on a date, we hope it will hold the switch until after winter break.

If the Sadler Center follows the Caf in going trayless this semester, students who paid for a meal plan with the expectation of trays will lose out. We hope Aramark will implement the change no earlier than next semester so that students can factor traylessness into their decisions to purchase a mealplan.

Going trayless is an inconvenience, even considering its noble goal. Aramark’s bottom line will benefit, however. Wasted food and water cost money, so minimizing them will pump up profits. Students ought to remember that if next spring’s meal plans come in at the same price, or higher. We hope Aramark will use its savings to reduce the cost of the plans.

Back in March, when we first heard word of the trayless initiative, we lauded the measure for its focus on conservation. And on that point, our view remains unchanged. If Aramark switched mid-semester, however, it would give students no choice.


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