Staff Editorial: In our opinion …

A rundown of The Flat Hat’s opinion on other top stories in this issue:

– Over the course of the past year, College students have registered to vote in droves — enough for them to form one of the largest voting blocs in Williamsburg. But there’s still time to make it even larger. To be eligible for the presidential election, voters must register by Oct. 6. That’s Monday. In a year in which Virginia’s 13 electoral votes could swing the election, in which registering to vote in Williamsburg has never been easier, we cannot fathom why anyone might remain a political wallflower.
Sure, the college agre group has always shown a remarkable ambivalence for the democratic process, but Williamsburg isn’t home to the typical college demographic. If students can hold their noses to the grindstone for 90 hours a week, surely they can spare the 15 minutes it takes to register and vote.

– Every week, 690,000 Americans turn to The Onion for top-notch journalistic satire. Now, members of the Student Assembly want to bring the weekly paper to the College of William and Mary. We suggest they direct their resources elsewhere. We’d find the plan more appealing if there were anything to be gained from providing a hard copy of the publication. But it’s available online, and content exclusive to the paper version has always been city-specific.

So, while students might enjoy knowing what they’re missing in Washington, providing real newspapers like the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times would serve us better.


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