30 Rock: ‘Jenna’s dead… why don’t I feel anything?’

“30 Rock” this week was a winner. It had everything going for it: a Liz-centric episode, lots of amusing pop-culture references (Backpack from “Dora,” anyone? Or a really subtle reference to the Sound of Music?), and just the right amount of Jack. And the crazy, inconceivable twist at the end came out of nowhere and made me laugh out loud for a long time.

Honestly, the only thing I didn’t like about the episode was the semi-major role Jenna played in this episode. I’m getting kind of tired of her. She hasn’t changed _at all_ the entire three seasons. At least Tracy’s gotten really close with Kenneth and has worked out marriage issues with his wife. At least Jack’s started patching things up with his mom and has himself a trashy (but hot) girlfriend. At least Liz has a life outside of TGS. But Jenna? She’s so…static. I kind of wish the writers would do something with her character. Give her some really stupid boyfriend, or get more into her biopic on Janice Joplin, or SOMETHING. Just make her more interesting and less annoying.

Easily the best part of the episode:

Hornberger: [physically dragging Tracy Jordan to the TGS stage] You _have_ to rehearse!
Tracy: No! Passive resistance! I learned that from Doctor King! I’m _brave_!

Also, Kenneth’s “report” of his future office relationship was priceless. Good job, “30 Rock”!


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