Live Blog: The First 2009 Gubernatorial Debate

The debate has ended as each candidate delivered a two minute closing remark. All thanked The Farm Team and restated their case for governor.

Thanks for tuning in.

Moran’s question is to McAuliffe, regarding three of McAuliffe’s businesses being labeled as coming from his home. McAuliffe claims that he’s started many companies, and paid all their taxes to the state of Virginia.

Closing remarks time.

Some fireworks. Deeds has just asked McAuliffe if he believes Moran acted unethically by accepting campaign finance money from a contractor. McAuliffe doesn’t want to be involved in this, surprise surprise.

Time for candidates to ask questions to each other. McAuliffe to Moran first.

Dissent among the candidates: On the issue of gay marriage, Deeds feels it is an issue that the state should not be involved in. Moran is a strong supporter of gay marriage. McAuliffe would rather focus his attention on other issues.

More talk on fundraising. Moran proudly proclaimed that he has not fundraised in Hollywood or other places outside of Virginia. McAuliffe responds that he is proud to represent the Virginia film industry.

A lot has been happening since the last entry. The internet connection here in the Chesapeake Room isn’t working too well, so bear with me.

The candidates have been detailing their plans on transportation and home foreclosures.

Mitchell just asked McAuliffe if he was a “carpet-bagger” for having been born in New York. Elicited a few laughs from the audience. McAuliffe reminded the people in attendance that a number of influential Virginia politicians, including Moran, were born outside of Virginia. (Deeds was born in the state).

The first question from Mitchell: How will the candidates fix unemployment. Deeds talks on improving community colleges and creating “smart jobs” in Virginia. Moran follows with a quick talk on green jobs. McAuliffe refers to his website for his detailed plan for jobs. Like Moran, McAuliffe talks on green jobs. He speaks specifically about a plan to put windmills off the coast of Virginia Beach.

*2:23 pm*
McAuliffe speaks on his work on the 2008 Clinton Presidential Campaign, and, like Deeds, talks on unemployment.

*2:21 pm*
The candidates have taken the stage to a standing ovation. Opening statements are now being delivered. Creigh Deeds first. Deeds talked about what the republican candidate for governor can’t for the state of Virginia. McAuliffe to follow.

*2:04 pm*
Live here from The Farm Team’s Gubernatorial Debate at The College of William and Mary’s Chesapeake Room…check back throughout the debate


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