30 Rock: I want a Tangiers Tattoo

I got really excited about this week’s episode of “30 Rock,” mostly because I thought I had just called Jenna getting a boyfriend (see my last blog post! I was so close!). Sadly, I was wrong. She was just regular old Jenna. Has she left the show yet? No? Oh… bummer.

I didn’t like that Jack and Elisa broke up… not only is Elisa easy on the eyes, but I thought she was a fun foil for Jack. Apparently, the writers didn’t. I guess they left it a little open for her to “start loving [Jack] a little less,” but I’ll bet she’s going to use this opportunity to leave the show. Buzz kill!

Also, Kenneth was wonderful as he always is. “My throat shuts up like a girl in math class.” Priceless.

The slanket got a little old. Normally I love running jokes in “30 Rock” (The Rural Juror, anyone?), but this one was _too_ long-running. They brought it up like four or five times. Too much of a good thing, Tina.

Tracy’s heart-to-heart with Jack was really sweet, while at the same time funny. They pulled that off perfectly. It also moved the plot along in a timely manner. That’s an issue I have with “30 Rock” a lot of the time — the plot either moves too slowly or they try to cover too much plot in 20 minutes. But what I _really_ liked was the introspection that Tracy had. It’s one of the very few times we’ve seen Tracy serious, and it was simply great. It’s one of the highlights of this season without a doubt. I want to see more sweet Tracy! And I also want a Tangiers tattoo!

“Man, that is one GAY lion.”


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