Grey’s Anatomy: Wedding episode makes sparks

Okay, I appreciate the melodrama of “Grey’s Anatomy” — I wouldn’t watch the show if I didn’t — but that episode’s plot line was right out of “A Walk to Remember,” and I draw the line at Nicholas Sparks (don’t tell my roommate). The only good thing to come out of the guy-marries-girl-because-she’s-dying situation was George walking Izzy down the aisle, which was, admittedly, a fabulous moment.

That aside, the last episode had so many really great subplots. I like the Hunt-Cristina thing (you get that ceiling fan!), and I like the Meredith-Chief thing, and I am incredibly grateful for each episode in which Izzy fails, once again, to die.

I have had enough of Denny, though. It’s such a lame plotline to keep bringing her hallucinations back. I get it, she’s dying, he’s here for her, now please let Jeffrey Dean Morgan go home. It’s not like he doesn’t have an acting career outside of the show (IMDB him!); he doesn’t need these stupid cameos, and they aren’t doing anything for us.


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