Lost: Now Jack’s got the bomb

It’s exam time, which means I’m too busy to devote the proper amount of time to a blog and you’re all too busy to read a lengthy entry. But don’t worry. My last exam is right before the season finale Wednesday, so I’ll be able to really devour the two-hour masterpiece (assuming it will be as unbelievably awesome as the previous season finales!). So here are my condensed thoughts on this week’s episode, “Follow the Leader.”

More about Richard Alpert’s role with the Others was revealed. Ben called him an “advisor.” That explains why Richard appears to lead the Others some times and in other instances seems to follow. What exactly makes Richard qualified to be an advisor? Surely his agelessness would stand out on his resume, but why not make him a leader rather than an advisor? And why exactly do the Others and their rotating leaders need an advisor? I think it would be kind of cool if Jacob and Richard were in some way related (perhaps father-son, in a kind of God-Jesus parallel), but I have no basis for that hypothesis.

According to Alpert, Kate, Jack and Hurley died right before his eyes. I don’t believe that’s going to happen, but I think that would be what happened if Jack detonates this bomb like he intends. My guess for the season finale? Whatever they do, or whatever the island does as a result of what they do or don’t do, will cause the two time plots to converge so everyone will be living in the same time period (hopefully the same one as the Egyptian statue!). Such a convergence will set up a sixth season showdown among Ben, Widmore, Dharma, the Others, Jacob, the Lostaways and, of course, Smoke Monster!

Dude, what is up with Jack’s hostility toward Kate? I’m a total Jack-Kate girl, so seeing the two bicker brings me down. A few episodes ago, Jack called Kate out for not liking the old Jack and on Wednesday he took another shot at her by saying enough of their island experience was misery. Ouch. Where does Jack get off being mad at Kate, though? Last time I checked he dumped her and Aaron out of jealousy and drunkenness. Sure, she toyed with his emotions and may never have loved him, but, unless we weren’t shown something, she still has more of a right to be mad at him. But can we just put all differences asides and kiss and make up before the series ends please?

Other things that happened:
* Hurley tried to save his friends, and needs a history lesson (Korean War was in the early 1950s, Jimmy Carter was president in 1977).
* Juliet, Sawyer and Kate are riding the submarine (in a really bad computer-generated shot) back to the mainland… awkward!
* Locke is going to kill Ben.
* Ben is still a duplicitous jerk.
* Radzinsky’s taking the reins from Horace… and Horace is letting him.
* Jughead is buried in tunnels under the Dharma camp – who built this elaborate tunnel system and how have the Dharma folks, with all their hatch-building, not run into one yet?

Also, I’m writing a paper on “Lost” for an American studies class, Home and Identity, so I’ve been re-watching old episodes. It’s helped me catch some things I think I would have missed had I not been watching different seasons at the same time, such as a detail about Faraday’s memory. There was a scene in season four where Charlotte showed Faraday three playing cards and then turned them over and he was supposed to tell her what they were. Just a few days after landing on the island, he could only remember two of the three cards. I wonder if the island ever completely healed Faraday’s faulty memory, or if he was playing with two-thirds of a deck until he died.

Alright folks, we’re less than a week away from our penultimate “Lost” season finale. Or I guess you could call it the last true _season_ finale since this time next year we’ll be watching the _series_ finale. I want to know what you all think will happen next week. We’ve had the most action-packed season thus far (bombs, babies, time travel, nose bleeds, fights, torture, statues, smoke monster, reincarnation, etc.) and I have no doubt this coming Wednesday’s episode will continue the trend and blow our minds (literally?). So comment below on your predictions for season five’s finale!


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