News in Brief: August 28

    *Professors discuss the Latin American experience*

    Associate professors Silvia Tandeciarz and Jennifer Bickham Mendez discussed the growth of the Hispanic population in America on the Virginia public radio show “With Good Reason” last weekend. Tandeciarz, a professor of modern languages, and Mendez, a professor of sociology, addressed the challenges that Hispanics face integrating into American culture, as well as Hispanic influence in American society.

    The segment, entitled “Latino in America,” will be re-broadcast Thursday. Broadcast times for the segment can be found online at the “With Good Reason” website.

    *William and Mary researchers track bird*

    Hope, a whimbrel currently being tracked by the Center for Conservation Biology, run by the College of William and Mary and Virginia Commonwealth University, was recently sighted around the U.S. Virgin Islands. Hope flew a remarkable 3,500 miles across the Hudson Bay and Canada before reaching St. Croix in the Caribbean Aug. 14.

    The researchers working with the center are tracking several whimbrels, which are known to have particularly unpredictable patterns of migration. Satellite tracking of whimbrels has shed light on the population dynamics and natural history of the species.

    The Center for Conservation Biology is jointly run by the College of William and Mary and Virginia Commonwealth University.


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