Students showcase a strong effort on SHOW Day

    Two-hundred and twenty College of William and Mary students participated in the Office of Community Engagement and Scholarship’s annual Students Helping Out Williamsburg Day last Tuesday. This year’s SHOW Day saw a 10-percent increase in participants from last year.

    SHOW Day is an opportunity for new students at the College to volunteer for community agencies and nonprofit organizations.

    “I’m really excited to be here and be a part of SHOW Day,” said Aaron Barksdale ’13, who helped with a bingo game at the Blayton Building. “When I heard about the program, I was very enthusiastic about participating.”

    Students painted houses and did yard work for Housing Partnerships, Inc., cleaned barns and pastures for DreamCatchers, Inc., set up classrooms at the National Head Start Association, visited residents of the Blayton Building, posted sustainability tips around campus for the Committee on Sustainability and gleaned food from local farms to be used by Campus Kitchen.


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