Greek: Love and war

“All’s fair in love and war,” or so they say. And on this week’s episode of Greek, we saw our fair share of both.

War raged in the assassins game of “Gotcha!” (Did anyone else actually forget they were playing/wonder why it came up again?) between Jordan and Rusty until a stalemate was called so they could finally consummate their relationship. Jordan ended the stalemate during some post-sex snuggling with a surprise attack but Rusty could have cared less by that point.

Casey started her own battle against their version of the Inter-Sorority Council over the annual Undie Run. She argued for the fun and tradition with Panhellenic and stood up against the degradation of women and people in general. Her idea to turn the event into a philanthropic activity helped Casey win the war.

Love floated around in different forms in this episode. As we discussed earlier, Jordan and Rusty made love. Evan found out about Calvin and Grant’s blossoming love (and they found out about the new waiter job he got to fill his empty bank account). Ashleigh keeps trying to fall out of love with Fisher — without much success. And Casey had run-ins with her both of her former lovers, Evan and Cappie.

I got some scoop from Entertainment Weekly’s Michael Ausiello that by the end of the first ten episodes, Casey will be back together with either of those two. My initial thought was Cappie, but after seeing this week’s episode and hearing her say that she once thought she’d be Casey Cartwright Chambers, I’m starting to lean toward Evan — and I don’t like it one bit.


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