Grey’s Anatomy: Merger drama

I didn’t see this coming, but the merger turned out to be really good drama! It’s shaking everything up, and it made for some really funny moments (Cristina trying to be a pediatric surgeon) and some super sad ones (the nurses and interns getting cut). It’s an interesting plot, and it made for a great episode, but ultimately it’s just fueling my anger towards the Chief. Derek’s right — the Chief should have spoken with the hospital staff, instead of secluding himself in his office and allowing people like Izzie to work themselves to death trying to keep their jobs. He should have consulted with the department heads before firing their staff, and he shouldn’t have made the cuts via email.

I am visualizing a phenomenal episode where the Board of Directors comes wrathfully down to wreak vengeance on Chief Webber, and conclusively fire him until he doesn’t have even a sliver of authority left. I don’t care who replaces him, I just want him out; he’s on a power trip and he’s incompetent.

It was incredibly sweet how Alex kept bothering Izzie about her meds, and how he brought her a banana and a bottle of water to get her through her surgery. I’m so glad Izzie’s still alive!


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