The Office: Vive la revolucion

Last week’s episode of “The Office” culminated in Jim being placed as co-manager alongside Michael. This Thursday’s episode examined the fallout that came with this new shift in management. Some things never change, as Jim still occasionally loves to mess around with Dwight. However, the little banter they had at the beginning of the episode reminded me how much I missed Jim’s elaborate pranks. I worry now that he’s a co-manager, we won’t see them again.

Of course Michael has not adjusted well to sharing the limelight, until he realized he can let Jim take the fall for making tough decisions, such as who to give the annual raise to. When Jim decides to give only the sales staff a raise all of the other office members voice their dissent sarcastically and loudly. This makes me highly curious if this is how real offices are run — one can only hope.

Anyway, while most everyone’s complaints centered on the issue of selective pay raise, Dwight narrowed in on his disdain for Jim, and hoped to rally the office into revolt by giving a rousing speech, which didn’t work exceptionally well. Later, when venting about office apathy and distraction he pulled out this gem of a quote, with a subtle nod to the College of William and Mary’s most noted alum:

“If people here were our founding fathers, the Revolutionary War would’ve been delayed ten years. Because Stanley Washington was napping. And Phyllis Hancock was still signing the Declaration. And Kevin Jefferson was distracted by a butterfly.”


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