30 Rock: Where’d the season premiere go?

Well, “30 Rock” was back to its old game this Thursday, playing it safe by having all its characters play well within their roles. Liz was her usual awkward self, forced to do anything and everything she has to do to keep the show on the air. Jenna was her usual selfish self, to the point of just being annoying (if you’ve read my past entries you know there’s no love lost between Jenna and me). Jack was his usual über-capitalist self, spouting off pseudo-offensive, anti-little man comments that are so ridiculous they’re hilarious. Tracy was his usual crazy self, struggling to figure out who he wants to be this week; last season he was an astronaut, and this week he was a regular guy. Everyone was his or her regular self — except for Kenneth.

Kenneth was his same idealistic self, but he actually did something this episode. He stood up to his idol, Jack, for something he believed in. He’s never done that before, at least in my memory (well, he almost stood up for his ideals, but then Jack bought him a really nice TV). And his chant was so demanding.

_What do we want?_
_When do we want it?_

I liked this episode, definitely. I was just kind of surprised that this episode was the season premiere. It wasn’t the jaw-dropping, audience-grabbing, eye-popping, and side-splitting episode that we saw with the season 3 closer. I would peg this as the second or third episode of the season. Season 4 started off with a great (but not awesome) episode, and if it stays this funny, it’ll be a great season… but if this is the very best they’ve got — well, let’s not think of that.


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