Encyclopedia TWAMPtannica: now with more ineptitude!

Your Student Assembly unanimously passed the Welcoming Incoming Freshmen Act and the Gender Neutral Housing Option Support Act during last night’s meeting.

The Welcoming Incoming Freshmen Act allocates up to $900 from the consolidated reserve to create an electronic copy of the TWAMPtannica Encyclopedia to be posted on the William and Mary website and disseminated to incoming students.

The SA spent $2,500 to print these encyclopedias over the summer, and to spend any more money on them is frankly embarrassing. I defy my readers to pick up a copy of the TWAMPtannica and not vomit at the thought that a dime of student money was spent in its creation.

It is embarrassing that this bill was passed without a single objection and equally foolish to think that incoming freshmen could be at all informed about life at the College by a ridiculous list of (barely) social activities. The senators that compiled this encyclopedia affirm previous assumptions that members of the SA are drastically out of touch with things that actual students do.

The Gender Neutral Housing Option Support act strongly encourages the administration to create a gender neutral housing option in a section of the Ludwell apartments. Though this bill is merely an encouragement, it is a valid one and will hopefully inch the administration towards creating a more open campus.

That all college students need and want their living quarters to be segregated by sex is preposterous. Obviously, if a student wishes to live with a member of the opposite sex, they should be allowed to.


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