Grey’s Anatomy: Parental issues

For a moment there, I thought Hunt was going to cheat on Cristina and dump her, and I was horrified. I like the new Cardio God, but she is scamming on Cristina’s man.

Why aren’t there any good parental figures in this show? Meredith’s parents are disasters, Lexie’s mom just up and died and ruined everything, Callie’s dad is intolerant as hell, and Derek’s mom is, frankly, kind of intimidating. Really, what kind of parent wouldn’t like Lexie? And now Bailey’s dad shows up and says he isn’t proud of her when he witnesses an amazing surgery? Good parents don’t do that. George’s parents were nice, but they’re gone now, and do you remember Burke’s mother? _She_ was frightening. But then again, so was Cristina’s mom. And remember, Izzy loves her mom most from afar. Alex’s dad was a wife-beater, and he spent most of his childhood taking care of his mother. Conclusive proof: on “Grey’s Anatomy,” everyone’s parents suck (and if they don’t suck, they die or disappear).

That said, is McSteamy going to be a good dad? All signs point to yes…


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