Community: The sappiness was on purpose. Right?

I was a little confused by this week’s episode of “Community.” It seemed way different than the others. Well, maybe not _way_ different, but pretty different. It seemed sappier and more focused on tying up the loose ends of the episode. The end was too… closed. It was strange how all the pairs came together and summed up their adventures for the episode. I think it was on purpose, since there was such a romantic (…ish) dance between Señor Chang and his wife. At least, I hope it was on purpose. Even if it was, I think it was too subtle. Maybe I’m just dense.

What happened to the sexual tension between Brita and Jeff? That was entertaining and fun (if a little repetitive sometimes). It seems like now Jeff has gone from really interested and almost stalkerish to completely uncaring, almost to the point of ignoring her… weird.

Jeff seems like he has no pep anymore. He was so lively, quick-witted and fun to watch earlier in the season. What happened? He’s now become a sort of boring character. I don’t like that — Joel McHale has been wasted the past few episodes.

Which brings me to another point. I thought this show was about Jeff Winger, but now it’s more evenly dispersed among the study group. I’m not saying that’s a good or a bad thing, but it seems kind of early in the season to make that transition. It took “30 Rock” multiple seasons to switch from Liz-centric to more even, and even now Liz has plenty of episodes devoted to her. “Community” has made the switch already, in what, nine or so episodes? Why not start off that way, if you’re going to switch so early?

On a more positive note, I really enjoyed more Señor Chang. He’s a hilarious comedian, and his craziness is a good foil for Jeff’s newly-found reserved attitude. As I’ve said before, the supporting cast in this show is _perfect_. They easily match the hilarity and well-roundedness of the regular cast. I’ve been pleasantly surprised every single episode by the professors. I’ve almost come to look forward to them more than the regular cast.

Don’t get me wrong — this was a decently funny episode. Pierce and Shirley’s little story was a really funny, and I liked the Feival shout-out by Troy and Abed. But I don’t know. I’m sure it’ll pick back up pretty soon, and that it’ll be back to its old tricks again.



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