30 Rock: As perfect as sun tea!

Can this show do any wrong?

Not really, no.

I am _always_ surprised by the cleverness of the writing on this show. This week was no exception. Every line was perfectly written and perfectly executed. I know, I know, it looks like I’m just gushing all about this show. I kind of _do_ do a lot of gushing over “30 Rock” because it is one of the best shows on television — if not _the_ best show on television. That’s a powerful statement. And if you don’t believe me, you’re just going to have to start watching the show.

Doctor Spaceman was back! It was so great — as great as he always is: “If a patient’s friend runs into the operating room and yells at you, you _have_ to stop. It’s the doctor’s code!”

I like it when Tracy Junior shows up. It’s been probably a full season or so since we’ve seen him. He’s always enjoyable and funny.

Liz’s short-lived roommate and all he entailed were great. All the stupidly shocking revelations about him were so good! But by far and away the best lines in the episode came from one of my favorite underutilized characters — DotCom! I’ll leave you with these gems, where Liz employs the help of DotCom to try to convince Brian to move out of his apartment using one of Tracy’s “good ideas.”

[DotCom knocks on the door after being obviously prompted by Liz raising her voice]
Liz: Oh, no! It’s my crazy black boyfriend, Astronaut Mike Dexter!
DotCom: You’d better not be with a man! _Even_ if he’s gay!
Liz: Mike, no! I don’t even know why I’m letting you in when you’re in this unreasonable state! Don’t get angry and jealous, even though Brian was the one who convinced me to move on!
DotCom: I’m gonna be comin’ by all the time, getting’ jealous, takin’ things outta context…that dude Brian would be happier movin’ _out_!

The writing’s so good, even Al Gore is funny! It’s no coincidence that this show’s won or been nominated for like a billion Emmys. They are well deserved. Keep this quality going, Tina. If your record is any indication of your future, that shouldn’t be a problem.


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