Athlete focus: Andy Hunter

The Flat Hat caught up with up with junior All-American gymnast Andy Hunter to find out his taste for breakfast, favorite pro athlete and future goals.

If you could be one professional athlete, who and why?

Ken Griffey, Jr. He’s the greatest and only legitimate homerun hitter of our
time. If it comes out that he was juicing, I retract this statement…and
I’m never watching baseball again.

Has your perception of Tiger Woods changed?

He’s still the most dominant athlete in sports, but he stood for so much more than that. He had a perfect slate, and now it’s tainted.

Tallahassee [your home town] or Williamsburg?

Tallahassee–hands down. It’s warm, the beach is right there, and the speed limit is more than 25 mph.

Best music i the gym?

The women’s team is usually in there before us, and that’s not good for the music selection. If it’s not obnoxious or inappropriate, it’s a good day.

Ten years from now, where are you and what are you doing?

Running a business and raising a family. Anywhere but Jersey.

Breakfast of choice?

French toast. It’s the new Wheaties.

What are you gonna do with your first million?

Consult Professor Guthrie as to how I should invest it.


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