30 Rock: Floyd’s Back! Yay?

I was pretty excited to see that Floyd would be back for this episode. I think Jason Sudeikis (the actor playing Floyd) is hilarious, and one of my favorites on “Saturday Night Live.” However, I thought he was just okay. Maybe I’m used to him on “SNL”, or maybe I was just being nostalgic and thinking he was way better in the earlier seasons, but I didn’t think he added much. He was just a regular guy. And maybe that was on purpose. It’s just that all of Liz’s other boyfriends were so much more dynamic and funny and quirky, and Floyd was just…ehh.

I’m glad Danny was back on this episode – I’ve been missing him the past few episodes! He’s funny and down to earth (as opposed to Tracy, who’s funny and unbalanced). What I liked even more was Jack working together with Danny. I always enjoy Jack mingling with those beneath him socially. It humanizes an almost inhumanly perfect executive.

Kenneth is simply wondrous to behold. I have enjoyed every second he is on (with the exception of the thing a few episodes ago where he had that donkey disease). Maybe it’s because I see myself in him (and apparently others see it, too…I’ve been compared to him multiple times). Even when he’s trying not to be funny, he’s just funny to watch. He’s like the saner version (and that’s debatable) of Tracy…everything he says is funny, but mostly because he’s got such a strange outlook on life. The writers have done well not to overexploit him, a la Kristen Wiig on “SNL.” He’s still funny and still a delight to see, rather than just an “oh great, here comes Kenneth” moment.

I want to see more of TGS. We haven’t seen much of the old-fashioned “30 Rock” episodes where the whole point of the episode was for Liz and Pete to reign in the madness that is TGS. This season seems to be more dedicated than others to romantic relationships than the actual show of TGS. And there’s nothing wrong with that…There’s just still so much more potential comedic value in TGS that they haven’t touched. On the other hand, maybe they’re treating TGS like they’re treating Kenneth—giving us little tastes of it to leave us wanting more.

And I want more. So mission accomplished.


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