Community: Look Out, I’m Getting my Hopes up Again

This show has done really well these past half dozen or so episodes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Community” is BACK! And by “back,” I mean it’s consistently funny again. I’m getting my hopes up that it will stay consistently funny…don’t disappoint me, “Community!”

Let’s see, where to start. Shirley and Annie are great as a team. They’re both so anxious to prove themselves, yet they’re both so nice. It’s great to pit them against one another. They both try so hard in their effort to be the “token badass,” but for the most part they’re really nice about it. They’re the female duo to counter Abed and Troy, and they’re almost as funny (which is saying something!). What I like about them, though, is that they’re funny in a totally different, less oddball way; they add a completely new dynamic of comedy to the show, rather than beating us viewers over the head with off-the-wall, ridiculous humor all over the place.

Again, Pierce surprised me. His self-awareness of his own piteousness is surprising, because it was hard to watch for most of the season so far. With the exception of the past two episodes, that is. He has clear reasons for trying way too hard, and they’re almost admirable. Almost. At least he isn’t totally deluded. Also, his cookie wand was fantastic. I’m thinking about getting one myself.

I actually enjoyed the sappy moment at the end, where Jeff was nice to Britta and tried to tell her she wasn’t a buzzkill. She totally is (and I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t really like her much), but it was nice of Jeff to try to console her. Jeff has really become a team player and come to terms with his position in Community College. As I’m coming to terms with the fact that “Community” is slowly becoming a sitcom (with a much heavier focus on the –com), I’m happy to see serious parts that I actually like. It means they’re doing something right. And boy, they’ve been getting a lot right lately!


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