Williamsburg City Council Election Results

Paul T. Freiling ’83, Mayor Clyde A. Haulman, and Judy N. Knudson have been re-elected for seats on the Williamsburg City Council. Freiling received 1,054 votes (28.45 percent), Haulman received 1,042 votes (28.13 percent), Knudson received 917 (24.75 percent) with 100 percent of precincts reporting. Non-inccumbent Ginger T. Crapse ’89 received 644 votes (17.38 percent), and there were 47 (1.26 percent) write-in votes.

The city of Williamsburg is comprised of two voting precincts. The Berkley Precinct polls at the Williamsburg United Methodist Church on Jamestown Road, and contains nearly all of the College of William and Mary’s campus, as well as neighborhoods south of Jamestown Road. The Stryker Precinct polls at the Williamsburg Community Building located at 401 North Boundary Street, and consists of the Eastern half of Williamsburg.

The Berkley Pricinct cast 615 votes for Freiling, 616 for Haulman, and 507 for Knudson. Crapse received 388 votes, and there were 42 write-in votes.

The Stryker Precinct cast 392 votes for Freiling, 376 for Haulman, and 362 for Knudson. Crapse received 239 votes, and there were 4 write-in votes.


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