Money issues dominate campus forum with Reveley and Trammell

Financial woes took center stage at the annual campus forum hosted by College of William and Mary President Taylor Reveley and the Board of Visitors Rector Jeffrey Trammell ’73 Tuesday.

Reveley and Trammell used the forum as an opportunity for community members to address questions and concerns with College leaders.

When asked by Barbette Spaeth of the Classics department how the College planned to raise revenue, Reveley explained his desire to open the College up to more out-of-state students.

“[We] want to have more out-of-state students, or as I like to call them, ‘bags of gold with feet,’” Reveley said. “They really pull a lot of the weight around here.”

Both Reveley and Trammell also expressed a desire for greater philanthropy from alumni. Reveley urged the students in attendance to contribute to the College.

“Donate [money], even if all you have is $25,” Reveley said. “Vote for William and Mary with your $25.”

When asked by a sophomore to explain the necessity of mandatory meal plans, the answer was framed in financial terms: Reveley and Trammell referred to the monetary need to make meal plans mandatory for on-campus students starting with the class of 2015.

Faculty and students also asked questions regarding the possible medical school merger.

When chemistry professor Lisa Landino asked if the medical school was a done deal, Reveley said there was no certainty about the merger as of yet.

“It is on the other side of the tunnel … [and] though we would naturally assume they would be so lucky to become our medical school, they have some decisions to make, too,” Reveley said.

Reveley noted that the process of merging with EVMS would likely take until 2015 to complete, if the merger even happens.

Both leaders are pleased with the path the College is on.

“We are here to discuss general ongoing projects, such as the medical school … [but] as far as I can tell, everything is going smashingly well, which is a fantastic way to start the year,” Reveley said.

Trammell echoed Reveley’s sentiments.

“We are moving in the direction we need to go, but we always look for ways to innovate,” Trammell said. v


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