Hampton Man Arrested With Five Kilos of Cocaine

According to the Daily Press, a Hampton man was arrested for one count of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute during a traffic stop on Interstate 64. Around 8 p.m. a Special Investigation Unit detective stopped a 2000 Lincoln Town Car for defective equipment, and a K-9 unit alerted police to the car’s content. The street value of the five kilograms of cocaine was estimated to be $500,000. Upon further investigation, detectives obtained a warrant and found $400,100 cash in a related car.

Read the full story here: http://www.dailypress.com/news/crime/dp-hampton-cocaine-0914,0,5198100.story


  1. Sounds like he had a tail light out. What a bone-head. Hoping that law enforcement takes down all the heroin dealers too. Good job detective!


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