Provost discusses AidData, student research in report to BOV

College of William and Mary Provost Michael Halleran’s Provost’s Report focused on the $25 million grant, the largest grant ever received by the College, given to AidData Center for Development Policy by the United States Agency for International Development.

AidData creates geospatial data for USAID, which is used to track the efficacy of global aid. Halleran spoke of his excitement about student involvement at the ceremony in Washington, D.C. where the grant was official presented.

“Students are connected in a very wonderfully William and Mary way,” Halleran said. “At the reception, some schools had their chancellors speak, and one school had a student. [That school] was William and Mary.”

Professors Dan Cristol and Anne Charity Hudley discussed their respective research at the College. Cristol conducts research on mercury in the Shenandoah Valley and is impressed with the College’s commitment to undergraduate research and one-on-one relationships with students.

“I am extremely happy to be teaching here,” said Cristol. “William and Mary falls right in the middle of focusing on research and individual attention. I wish I had this experience when I was an undergraduate; I had to beg to do research with my professors, and the answer was always, ‘No.’”

Adam Anthony ’87 ended the Provost’s Report meeting with an update on the College office in Washington, D.C. The outpost has expanded greatly since it started offering courses in 2006.

“I am very proud of the progress we have been making. There are endless opportunities in [Washington, D.C.],” Rector Jeffrey Trammell ’83 said.


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