Fewer Paid Visitors but Increased donation to Colonial Williamsburg

According to the Williamsburg-Yorktown Daily, Colonial Williamsburg experienced a 3 percent decrease in paid visitors from 2011 to 2012. Because many visitors opt to walk around the area on their own without a ticket, it is hard to measure exactly how many tourists the area sees in a year. Those involved in Colonial Williamsburg tourism are faced with the dilemma of convincing visitors that tickets have more to offer than a walk through the Historic Area. The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, however, announced a 59 percent increase in donations during the same time period. These 18,400 new donors contributed $63.7 million to the foundation gift total. About 16 percent of all donors were Virginians.

Read more at http://wydaily.com/2013/02/06/cw-reports-fewer-paid-visitors-but-59-increase-in-donations/


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