Four days left to decide the next four years: Sarvis will protect civil liberties and keep Virginia fiscally responsible

Tired of big government, big taxes and big spending, Virginia? Look no further than the 2013 Libertarian Party candidate for governor, Robert Sarvis. In the midst of an ugly, disappointing campaign filled with political mudslinging, 37-year-old Sarvis is the candidate Virginians have been so desperately searching for. With two mediocre candidates both racked with personal scandal and unsatisfactory past performance, Virginians are being forced to choose between the lesser of two evils. According to a Washington Post article published in May, over 40 percent of Virginians stated they wished “someone else was running” in the governor election other than Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe. Don’t take my word for it — look to Sarvis’ stance on the issues.

Sarvis is a staunch fiscal conservative, something this nation as a whole desperately requires. He proposes a total overhaul of crony capitalism in Virginia, ensuring law enforcement protection of economic rights and an end to government regulations that have prevented small and local businesses from entering the marketplace. Additionally, Sarvis advocates an end to government subsidies that favor certain industries above others, as well as the termination of federal discretionary funds. It’s the taxpayers’ money, and they deserve to have it back. Sarvis also tackles the issue of taxes, proposing a significant reduction of the income tax.

As college students, taxes may not be foremost in our minds as we head to the ballot box. Civil liberties, however, do seem to always strike a particular chord with the youth, and rightfully so. As a libertarian, Sarvis will champion our constitutional rights of religion, speech, press and assembly. First and foremost, Sarvis pledges to direct his efforts against federal overreach, made most evident by the National Security Agency’s Big Brother-esque spying programs. He also vows to defend Internet freedom, to protect Virginians against unlawful searches and seizures, and to end the draconian law enforcement policies regarding non-violent drug crimes.

Speaking of drugs, Sarvis firmly believes in the legalization of marijuana and in the right of American citizens to make their own choices. He is a strict guardian of the Second Amendment in that he fully supports gun rights and freedom to carry, as well as a crackdown on gun crime and gang-related violence. Sarvis also proposes a fresh campaign to attain marriage equality in Virginia.

Regarding primary and secondary education, Sarvis intends to reintroduce school choice for students and to create a competitive market for education. Such action will also empower parents by placing them, rather than politicians, in charge of their children’s education.

But aren’t the Libertarians just a fringe party? How can Sarvis possibly get elected? Although election is certainly ideal, the main intent of the Libertarian campaign is to raise awareness about government overreach into our lives and show Virginians there are political options that exist other than just more of the same incompetence. This November, the answer isn’t the big government policies of McAuliffe or those of Cuccinelli, but instead, it is the common sense fiscal responsibility of Robert Sarvis.

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