Scream your head off at Busch Gardens

Starting every year on Sept. 13, Busch Gardens ditches its normal, quaint and friendly appearance and slips into something much more sinister. The four sections of the park are revamped into “Terror-tories,” immersive attractions that include dramatic themes, sound effects, fog and scare actors behind every corner.

During the day, Busch Gardens displays beautiful fall decor and attractions. For children or the faint of heart, it is suggested that they enjoy the park as much as possible during this time because at 6 p.m. sharp the ghouls, ghosts and haunts come out to play.

The park offers six different haunted houses that all offer unique scare elements. If you have a chance to really look around between screams, you’ll find these houses to be genuinely creepy. Every last detail, from the decrepit ceilings to the worn floor tiles, creates the total scare package.

The attractions and haunted houses aren’t the only things that will make you scream at Busch Gardens. The park also features many different rides, like the fan-favorite Griffon, which gets the adrenaline pumping. If you feel up to it, wait the extra 20 minutes to sit at the very front of the Griffon. It is an experience you are not likely to forget.

Each year, College of William and Mary students have the privilege to visit the park at a discounted rate when they purchase tickets with their I.D.s from the Sadler Center Information Desk. Shuttle buses are provided, and it is always fun to see friends and classmates jockey for a spot on the bus. But beware, the buses only run until certain hours of the night so make sure to plan accordingly to avoid being stranded. If you missed out on the deal this year, be sure to look out for it next year.


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