Enjoy sweater weather

Fall has arrived and, to paraphrase F. Scott Fitzgerald, life starts all over when the air gets crisp. This time of year may mean waking up to frozen fall air and chilled toes, but it also brings some of life’s greatest joys. If you’re anything like me, you came back from fall break lugging at least three extra sweaters to ward off the incoming season. The cold air provides the perfect excuse to use these extra layers to create a comforting cocoon that suits my homebody personality much more than a short summer dress ever could.

This is also the time of year when I can finally trade my grande iced coffee in for a large pumpkin spice latte or some steaming hot cocoa that fights the autumn chill from the inside out. My life does start over in the fall, changing everything from my wardrobe to my early morning brew. It is a feeling that I can’t help relishing in as the crisp air cleans out my lungs and provides a sense of beautiful renewal to my mundane college life.


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