Her rules: Her Campus

According to Harper Yi ’15, Her Campus’s most popular tweets include links to how-to guides or articles which appeal to people outside of the College of William and Mary. Yi runs the Twitter account for the College’s branch of Her Campus.

“There’s a lot that goes into making a good tweet,” Yi said. “A lot of people think that with a 140-character limit they should use as many abbreviations as possible. But what that actually does is frustrates people. If you’re using more than three hash tags, you need to slow your roll. Twitter’s less about personal events and more about information. So if I share ‘seven simple ways to dress up your dorm’ or ‘20 quick clue week ideas,’ that will get shared more than ‘How’s your day going, guys?’”

Yi didn’t start using Twitter until interning for Gannett, the owner of USA Today. The employer highlighted the importance of Twitter for establishing a personal brand.

“If you’re trying to be a reporter and talk about the financial sector, Twitter’s a great place to get involved in conversations that aren’t super intense where you have to go back and forth with these long blog posts,” Yi said. “Many people will see your posts, so that’s a great way to build influence.”

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