BOV Audit: Stump updates members

A panel presented TED-talk style speeches on of free speech in the media followed by a discussion. FILE PHOTO / THE FLAT HAT

Director of Internal Audit Mike Stump M.Ed. ’93 briefed the College of William and Mary’s Board of Visitor’s Committee on Audit and Compliance Thursday morning about the potential misuse of a state telephone at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science.

Stump indicated that auditors received a hotline complaint about the misuse of the telephone, but that officials corrected the matter.

As to details of the incident, Stump declined to comment further.

“I can certainly discuss it with you, but I can tell you the personal details behind this were absolutely heartbreaking and so if there is a subsequent discussion I prefer to do that in closed session,” Stump said to the committee.

Chief Compliance Officer Kiersten Boyce presented about the College’s compliance obligation with the Clery Act, saying that the act requires a massive effort by administrators at the College to keep up with the changing rules.

Vice President of Finance Sam Jones also presented before the committee, speaking on the work of the Risk Management Committee at the College.

He noted that the committee meets nearly eight times annually and is  working at looking over 40 departments to identify risks.

Committee Chair John Thomas then moved the meeting into closed session.


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