Over 40 percent of men — but less than 29 percent of women — admitted to the College in 2013

If you’re currently a student at the College of William and Mary, one of the proudest moments of your life was most likely receiving your College acceptance letter. If you’re currently a female applicant, good luck.


Some things are pretty obvious to everyone who’s been involved in the college application process. Current high school seniors are painfully aware that acceptance rates are on the decline as schools receive more and more applications each fall. But some of the statistics represented here might surprise you. According to the College’s Common Data Set, for every two men that apply to our school, approximately three women apply. While acceptance rates for women are now approaching an intimidating 25 percent, men were accepted at over 40 percent according to last fall’s statistics. Despite these discrepancies, there is a growing difference between how many men and women choose to go here each year.


In addition, about one in every four students accepted end up enrolling (For comparison: This ratio is every four in five at Harvard).


Whether you’re considering the College or already happily enrolled here, it’s good to know the numbers that make up your potential classmates. Play with the interactive graph on the right to learn more about who makes up the College’s application pool.

*Note: Set the horizontal axis to “Year” and the vertical axis to “value” in order to properly view the motion chart




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